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Words WINn Theatre Experience LLC, Welcomes You

"In the end, we can all WINn with words"

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Youth Theatre Camps

Our Youth Theatre Camp allows participants to address issues focused on their life experiences and concerns and create a theatre production from their findings. The performance is created based upon a series of conversations, drama games/ exercises/ and experiences. The goals of the camp are to empower the youth directly, inspire/ encourage youth voice and enhance the parent to child relationship to help alter attitudes/ understandings on their experience(s) as youth.

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  • WWTE participants will participate in theatre workshops in devising original theatre and using art to foster family/ community dialogue.

  • The participants will be performing, writing and/or involved in other components such as set, stage/ sound design, dialogue facilitation, and marketing.

Allow Words WINn to take you back in time when adult responsibility was something we thought we wanted. Adults release their inhibitions by addressing issues focusing on adult concerns written by the cast. The theatre production will be created based upon a series of conversations, drama games/ exercises/ and experiences. 

Adult Theatre Camps


Client Testimonial: Tynique Shaw

High School/ College

Educational Performances

Musical rehearsal for a College Freshmen Orientation Show

Words WINn works with the community to give schools a medium

to push educational information with an edge. Are you looking for

a cool way to orient freshmen to high school or college? Are you looking

for an engaging way to challenge the minds of students on the journey

they will soon be experiencing in this new world? If so hire the Words

WINn performers and allow us to present our informative and humorous orientation show catered directly to your schools needs.

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Words WINn offers an educational consulting program using applied drama as a medium to integrate social emotional wellness into the daily lives of people which will hopefully transform into their daily rituals and routines in their lives but also in the workplace.

R Educational Consulting

"The Words WINn Theater Experience is incredible. The way it covers social/emotional subject matters is smart – incredibly entertaining – inclusive and filled with emotional connectivity. Britney’s skill and intuition as a director creates performance art moments that inspire self-reflection and harnesses the desire to be better to other humans."                       
                                    -Marv Fox Jr. 
                        (Owner of  Speak on Purpose)


R Interactive &



Interactive: Join us as we break the fourth wall and become one with the audience. Interactive performances go a step further by allowing its audience members to become a part of the performance process.

Theatrical: This offer ranges from high school/ college orientation shows to business/ corporation training sessions using theatre as the medium to push information, facilitate dialogue, and extract understanding.

Private/ Social Events

This offer ranges from kid birthday parties to adult game nights. Hire the Words WINn HYPE squad and let us take care of the fun.

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