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Words WINn

"Changing the world one WORD at a time."

Words WINn theatre experience is a non- profit organization founded by Britney N. Winn in 2019. The company is a benefit to all who encompasses it from the performers to its audience members. Using theatre and drama creates an easier way to communicate ideas and feelings that are sometimes difficult to talk about. Theatre and drama can also be used to build stronger relationships amongst groups. Many businesses, groups, or organizations could benefit from hiring Words WINn by using the company to promote, educate, and/ or entertain in a way that is innovative and invigorating. 


To use theatre/ drama as a medium to give voice, build a bridge to close the social injustice gap, and inspire people to reveal, release, and hopefully restructure themselves in ways they never thought they could. 


To create spaces in communities where self-work becomes so intertwined with self-reality that it never feels like work again.

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